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Slideslogo_slidescarnival_square Carnival is a great website with various templates that work with both, Powerpoint and Google Slides. All templates are free for downloading.


Let’s Go…. Mimio?: Technology in the Classroom

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Mimio Gotye

In an interview for a post with the British Council, I was asked about how I used technology in the classroom. My response was quite simple: I don’t. Or rather, I didn’t. At the time I had believed technology did nothing but present difficulties for a teacher. Since then, my opinion has moved 180 degrees in the opposite direction – I’ve embraced the technological ELT classroom.


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Websites for practicing listening

There are a lot of resources for practicing listening comprehension. Here are some of them:

  1. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab has various types of recordings, which you can listen for free and complete comprehension activities.logo2007
  2. Listen a Minute has listening activities on various topics. You can download them or listen and complete activities online.13e53894d4f15d2c3ea0dd2bcea6c6c0243abf96
  3.  Breaking News English is great sources of materials for both, listening and reading. Teachers can download lesson plans and recordings from there. breaking
  4. If you’re looking for some dictation practice, you can visit Teacher Joe’s page.
  5. delivers new around the world. They have news, audio, and podcasts. It is a great source for practicing reading and listening with authentic materials. npr_news_logo

                                           What is your favorite website for practicing listening ?

What’s your secret of learning new words?

My students often ask me about the best way of learning/memorizing new words. I wouldn’t say that there is a universal way that works for everyone. For example, some students like creating stories with new vocabulary, others still use note cards with words and their definitions on them.

I also recommend using StudyStack for creating flashcards and reviewing vocabulary in a more interactive way. printlink

Quizlet is also a great website and application for creating flashcards.


I love using Flocabulary with my middle schoolers. The website has a lot of themed hip-hop songs, which kids love a lot.


If you want to challenge your vocabulary, try this quizvocabulary-logo-2761-8ee5431b3c1fbed34b4e752914f2f89c1x from Merriam Webster.