Don’t get something? Break it down with mindmaps.

“I don’t get it” is a phrase that my teen students tend to use when they get stuck or don’t understand something.  Mind maps could be a way of helping a student visualize presented material. It will work for various types of learners and help them understand a topic better.

Mind maps also help my students organize their thoughts when they work on a writing task, so that when they start putting their ideas on paper, their writing becomes more developed. This way helps students broaden their way of thinking as well as become more independent learners.

Students can create their mind map with pen and paper or they can use various digital tools for it. For example, MindMups application would be great for a learning environment. MindMups would definitely help educators and learners organize their ideas, share them with their partners, and have a digital copy of their notes. In addition, mind maps are visual and more memorable. What I like MindMups is that it is possible to download my notes from there  and add them to a presentation or upload them into a word document. mindmap

If you’d like to learn more about MindMups, watch this video.

Share your experience with MindMups in the comments below.


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