Knowing many languages means having many keys to one lock

untitledThere are thousands of languages that are spoken around the world. Each language caters to the communication needs of people in their own surroundings. These languages were developed because of the ancient day isolation, where people from one area could not travel as easily as we do these days. This reason was the main cause for the development of thousands of languages.

The problem of learning languages is very important nowadays. Foreign languages are socially demanded especially when the progress in science and technology has led to an explosion of knowledge and has contributed to an overflow of information. The total knowledge of mankind is known to double every seven years. Foreign languages are needed as the main and the most efficient means of information exchange of the people of our planet. But why knowing many languages means having many keys to one lock? What are the advantages and opportunities of knowing many languages?

First, a person who knows more than one language is able to earn more because of various job opportunities in different countries. No matter what job you’ve chosen, speaking a foreign language gives you will a real advantage. A technician who knows English or German, the head of a company who knows Japanese or Spanish, or a salesperson who knows French or Chinese can work successfully with more people and in more places than someone who knows only one language.  Nurses, doctors, or police officers may need to speak more than one language to do their jobs well. Hotel managers or journalists who know Russian and English or Russian and Korean are promoted more often than those who know only Russian.

Professionals who know other languages are called on to travel and exchange information with people in different countries throughout their careers. Knowing more than one language enhances opportunities in government, business, law, medicine and health care, teaching, technology, the military, communications, industry, social service, and marketing. An employer will see you as a bridge to new clients or customers if you know a second language. You are more likely to win the trust and friendship of people whose languages you know – even if you know them just a little. This is the most basic benefit of knowing more than one language.

Second, apart from business and profession, the second language acquisition opens new doors to a new culture, its ideas and people knowing different languages. Studying another language, reading other people’s stories, and connecting with people in their own language can be a source of pleasure and surprise.

Learning about other cultures will help you expand your personal horizons and become a responsible citizen. Studying a new language makes a difference to how you see the people and how the world sees you. Your ability to talk to others and gain knowledge beyond the world of English can contribute to your community and your country.

           Moreover, just imagine yourself in a beautiful foreign country, where everything is new to you. You walk along beautiful streets, and you dine at one of its restaurants. The only thing that is bothering you is that you just cannot understand what the locals are talking about. It irritates you. Despite the wonderful sites of a place, when you do not understand the people around you, you can’t help but feel a little lost. family abroad🙂  If the person is multilingual, the communication is very easy and if the person travels to a country which is not his own, by knowing the language, the individual is able to communicate and feels no difficulty in travel and other needs.

In my opinion, learning a foreign language is not just learning grammar and vocabulary; it is learning new sounds, expressions, and ways of seeing; it is learning how to act in another culture, how to know a new community from inside.

In summary, knowing many languages allows us to get a better job, communicate with foreigners, know more information about different countries and their cultures.  The individual benefits more by knowing many languages that are widely spoken and also by learning languages that are very important in the particular geographical context. That is why people should learn a second language because it is an excellent skill that will give them great benefits in their lives.


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