An amazing world of teaching online


How it all started

A couple of years ago one of my individual students moved to another city. She just finished a Beginner level and was full of enthusiasm to carry on learning English with me. I suggested having lesson online and to my surprise she agreed. I had never taught online before so it was a completely new world of teaching for me. But I decided to try it:) I read a lot of other teachers’ blogs, how they did it, and started my first lessons with my student.

I was very nervous because I wasn’t still confident about the process of teaching online, but my student liked our lessons and we carried on.

The show must go on:)

This year I moved to another city and stopped working for a language school. I still had a couple of private students, and I suggested having online lessons too.

Some of my students refused as they were afraid of the Internet and liked “alive” teacher and face-to-face lessons. On the other hand, the rest of my students agreed to give it a try as they didn’t have to spend time for getting to the classes and wasting their time in traffic.

After a couple of lessons one of my students said: “Cool. I like having lessons online:)” And I totally agree with him. I create different materials for my students and save them in their special folders in Google Disc where they have 24 hour access to their files. They can open them any time when they want to revise some materials. Moreover, they don’t have to print and keep a lot of piles with papers, as everything is in e-format.

My inspiration

I think the first person who gave me an inspiration and a “push” to start online lessons was my husband. He’s an English teacher too, and he always supports me when I have an idea for something new.


He always gives me his advice when I feel that I have some problems about teaching some of my students.

Another source of my motivation to develop my teaching online is a great course from The iTDi Summer School MOOC. They give a good opportunity for teachers worldwide to share their experience, to present some new ideas and links to different resources. I’m very inspired by this web site and its creators, that I want to “Fly High” 🙂



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